JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Drug searches and chasing bad guys are a thing of the past for a retiring Jasper County K9.

The Belgian malinois Holi is leaving law enforcement at the retirement mandated age of nine. She’s been a part of more than 660 call-outs including drug searches, manhunts, and suspect arrests.

Her handler, Corporal George Datum, is starting with a new K9 named Valor but says he’ll miss working with his longtime partner.

”You know, it, I just don’t want to stop working with Holi. She’s been with me for eight years. So, that’s something I don’t want to do but I have to do. But, she’ll retire with me at my house,” said Jasper Co. Cpl. George Datum.

“When it’s hot, he brings the dog in. PR events, any time we do demonstrations, the dog is there. So everybody, you know, gets to know the dog. Becomes part of your family as far as the whole Sheriff’s office family. So it is kind of a big deal,” said Jasper Co. Chief Dep. Derek Walrod.

By the way, Holi is just a nickname. Her full name is Doc Holliday Von Rolly Molly, something Datum says he did not pick.