CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — It isn’t quite time to start school in Carl Junction yet, but the newest students are in class anyway, getting a preview of what to expect. Carl Junction High School hosted 220 Freshmen this morning. Seniors hosted the three hour orientation to give them a chance to get to know the campus before they have to keep to the bell schedule.

The new format is something Senior Skyler Sundy wishes had been around three years ago.

“It’s just high school, everybody is going to be nervous., But even though our high school is small – it is very confusing. Everything looks the exact same. I didn’t know where the hallways were, I didn’t know where my locker was, I was really confused. So I think if I would have had this experience in getting some like hands-on activity to get me really figuring out the building was like, I think it would have been a big help,” said Sundy.

“We really felt like students need to be, have a good start to the school year. So just again to relieve any anxiety or concerns that they have, we felt like a larger school day or a mock school day would be beneficial for them,” said Kyle Williams, CJHS Principal.

Carl Junction begins its new school year on August 22nd.