CARTHAGE, Mo. — It’s now been a week since the general election.

And, while we learned who won and lost pretty quickly, those totals aren’t yet official.

“One of the things that people have a misconception about is thinking that election night is it. But that’s not the case,” said Charlie Davis, Jasper Co. Clerk.

Work is still underway to make sure election night results are correct.

Jasper County election judges are certifying the results, in other words, hand counting five percent, or more, of the total vote from last Tuesday.

With nearly 35,000 ballots cast, that’s not a small job.

“We hand count them and we verify the results of the hand count with the tally that the machines gave us on election night. And then we refeed one other precinct through the machine and make sure that it’s the same. So that way we’re doing four precincts, which is almost 10% of the county,” said Davis.

And even on election night, the machines can’t do everything.

When voters pick a write-in candidate, the machine sets the ballot aside for a human count.

Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis was a candidate and didn’t have any opponents listed on the ballot, but there were more than 600 write-ins…Like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

“Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Joe Biden. I even had some “Anybody but Charlie Davis.” So obviously there are some people that are not happy with my job as county clerk, but none of them are valid. And most of the people need to understand that it serves no purpose to write somebody’s name in if it’s not an official candidate,” said Davis.

For a vote for a write-in candidate to count, that candidate must register ahead of time, something no one did for any county-level races in Jasper County.

“We did have quite a few names for Senate that were ridings one for the auditor and one for the Congress,” said Davis

The Jasper County Clerk hopes to officially certify election results in the next couple of days.