CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — School is still a few days away for some local students. But this year will be much more tech-oriented for those in Carl Junction.

“I only have one in high school now. So she’s a ninth grader,” said Marshal Graham, CJ Parent.

CJ dad Marshal Graham will have a lot more information about her school day, thanks to a new school district app.

“Being able to log in and see my own student’s information just real quickly and know if you know they’ve got an overdue library book or that they need some lunch money or something like that. Can quickly check that in the morning before we head off for school and take care of it right away,” he said.

It’s easy to find for download – simply called “Carl Junction Schools” with the distinctive red C.J. on a black background. Inside, you’ll find everything from school schedules and messages from the district to the lunch menu.

“And then on top of that, we’re adding teacher reach which is a teacher communications tool. So the teachers can do push notifications straight to the app straight to the parents or to the students. Of course, that would be students in the upper grades, not the elementary grades,” said Tracie Skaggs, CJ R-1 Spokesperson.

Carl Junction schools have posted much of the information before – but it was spread out on the school website or Facebook.

“This is brand new. It links to our website, it links to our mass notification system. It’s all integrated all in together. So it’s another tool, but it brings in everything into one place,” said Skaggs.

Anyone can download the app free for Apple or Android – parents, students, teachers, and even the general public.