Jasper County launches new courts website


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — A Southwest Missouri county is making it easier to connect with the county court online.

Erik Theis, Jasper Co. Courts Admin, said, “Very intuitive, user friendly site where the public can get some information about their courts.”

Content ranges from circuit clerk operations and how you can pay fines to court operations and how to file for child support.

“There’s year-end reports, procedures of what to do about jury service. They can look up the court docket for the day. And any other announcements the court wants the public to know about; we’re really excited about that because we didn’t have that before.”

Workers say it’s a better way to connect users with the information they need.

“Can get on their phone and access information about the court and has a FAQ section about how to file things, how to file an ex-parte or protection order, things that the public tend to use as far as our services are concerned.”

And that, they say, is a definitely upgrade.

“We did have one through the county, but it was pretty antiquated – it did have some information. But this is more intuitive where people can make payments online. They can again access the court docket each day and know about the types of services and programs.”


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