Jasper County Jail adds new space for drug treatment program


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — You won’t see any bars at this jail — only because the newest lockup in the four states doesn’t need them.

This jail expansion is shaping up in Jasper County — but there’s still a lot of work to be done. The shell of the building is largely in place, sitting on the east side of the existing jail.

“We’re super excited to have that space,” said Randee Kaiser, Jasper Co. Sheriff.

New space for a drug treatment program at the Jasper County jail.

“The treatment areas of this jail is one of the things I’m most excited about. We will be the first county jail in the state of Missouri to offer what we’re offering,” said Kaiser.

That’s just one part of a 25 thousand square foot expansion at the county lockup.

“We are in the process of finishing up the electronic security phase of this thing and of course, that’s an area that’s been impacted, along with many other areas of the construction process with regards to shortages,” said Kaiser.

There’s more space for housing inmates – 183 beds in the existing jail, adding another 135 with construction. There are also holding cells, a control center, and space for evidence storage.

“The hard part is done with the actual addition itself, that’s all pretty much completed we have a few, few weeks of work left to get some of the details tidied up,” said Kaiser.

The jail kitchen will move into the addition, freeing up space for a second phase.

“Going to be adding onto our visitation area. One of the big key problems that we had before was just simply not enough visitation area for professionals to come in and, you know, attorneys, and probation, parole,” said Kaiser.

The project costs nearly 13 million dollars, with funding approved by county voters in 2019. They’re planning to move into the expansion next February.

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