Jasper County honors Annie White Baxter


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — The Jasper County Courthouse honored Annie Baxter Thursday. Annie White Baxter was a Missouri Politician. She became the first elected female office-holder in the state, as well as the first female County Clerk in the United States.

Wendy Doley, President, Women’s Foundation, said, “That’s what’s important to recognize her to bring forward this history and be able to show case who we can potentially be in the future she was a trailblazer, she broke barriers, she made it so much easier for women to run for elected office and think about how many County Clerks now across the country are women as a result to Annie White Baxter.”

Baxter oversaw the elections during a time when women weren’t allowed to vote and gave women a voice when they felt like they weren’t heard.

Marjorie Bull, Retired County Clerk, said, “I think it’s wonderful I’ve always been so proud to say that I was elected almost the same time a hundred years later. I’ve always laughed and told when we had people here, I told them the men messed it up and it took a woman to straighten it all out.”

While in office, Baxter earned a reputation as one of the best County Clerks in the state. Her work gained the respect of county officials and the public.

“I think what’s important and why this was so important, to be in the state Capitol but also in the Jasper County Court House, which is where it all began, that we can all see who we can be. And especially for young and future generations,” said Doley.

Jasper County Court House officials are still unsure where they are going to place the bust.

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