Jasper County election gets extra attention


A Southwest Missouri race with a razor thin margin is getting some extra attention.

And that means vote totals have actually changed in the Republican primary for Jasper County Collector. Where Steve McIntosh had beaten Jimmy Morris by just 46 votes, the margin is now a little wider at 55. 

That’s still just a fraction of a percent in a race with 14 thousand votes cast. A bipartisan certifica team made the changes based on factors like ballots initially rejected at polling places.

“Clearly we know what they wanted to do. They remake those ballots and we have to add those to the totals. And then we had an absentee that was dropped off at the, at the polls. So that one had to be added in. So they change slightly,” says Marilyn Baugh, Jasper Co. Clerk.

State law allows Morris to ask for a recount in the race, since the margin of loss is less than one percent. But, so far, he has not made that request.

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