CARTHAGE, Mo. — A Jasper County deputy is more thankful for life right now than he was a week ago.

He almost died a week ago — while on duty. Action 12’s Gretchen Bolander takes us to that day — which started with deputies searching a wooded area north of Carthage.

“We were engaging or trying to engage with someone that needed some help,” said Jasper Co. Dep. Chris Corbett.

“And I’m talking to him and he just mid sentence stops and looks at me and he says, I’m having a medical issue,” said Jasper Co. Chief Dep. Derek Walrod.

“And then that’s last week. I remember. I went on unconscious,” said Corbett.

Chief Deputy Derek Walrod radios for help – his first guess is a seizure. But that’s not it.

“Realize he was he was having a heart attack and started CPR which again felt like an eternity,” said Walrod.

Chest compressions are an issue working around a duty vest.

“Finally a couple more deputies came over the hill and I can remember thinking ‘The cavalry’s here,'” said Wolrod.

They take turns with CPR and a Carthage Fire crew shows up with a defibrillator, restarting Corbett’s heart. And it wouldn’t be the only time.

“Before we started transport, they’d said they had revived me two times,” said Corbett.

A quick ride to the hospital, bypassing the ER for surgery.

“I believe from the time they got me into the hospital into the cath lab, the stent put in and then rolling the into the CVICU was about 12 minutes,” said Corbett.

Beating the odds on a Widowmaker heart attack, Which Corbett says is normally just six percent.

“I have a lot of gratefulness to man upstairs. You know, it was God’s will keep me alive. He put those people within my reach to save me,” said Corbett.

“Thanksgiving has a new meaning now. But it’s just God wasn’t ready for for him to go but he’s got plans for him and he placed all of us there as a team to help you make it through it and then I’m so glad he did,” said Walrod.

Chris adds he is working with the sheriff to see about adding those lifesaving AED devices to Jasper County patrol cars.

Corbett is now working on adding defibrillators to county patrol vehicles. We have more on the project here.