Jasper Co. Board of Commissioners withholds funding for Humane Society


The Jasper County Board of Commissioners is not giving money to the Carthage Humane Society for the time being.

Taking care of the animals at the Carthage Humane Society isn’t cheap.

“The finances are in need for food, shelter, heat for the animals,” says Deborah Bell, the Carthage Humane Society director.

Now the organization could lose its funding from Jasper County. Commissioners decided not to give money to the shelter citing a number of issues.

“Smelling bad, dogs that are skinny, it just goes on and on, you can imagine what a Humane Society that wasn’t run right looks like,” says John Bartosh, Jasper Co. Presiding Commissioner.

Humane Society Director Deborah Bell feels Bartosh is looking too much into the past with his decision making. 

“What I like to equate it to is if you go to a restaurant that you’ve been to before and the health department closes it down and a new restaurant comes in and takes over, would you go to that restaurant?” says Deborah Bell.

Bartosh would like to fund the organization again under some conditions. 

“We don’t want the thing to shut down, we don’t want to be involved in it. But, we want it to run right before we send tax payer money,” says John Bartosh.

Bell says they are running right already. 

“The past doesn’t represent the future and as you can see, it’s a very clean, well-managed shelter,” says Deborah Bell.

Bartosh says the Board of Commissioners is not obligated to fund the Humane Society and they might reconsider the decision in the future.

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