January a big month for divorce


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — While the new year marks new beginnings for many of us, it also marks a time where many couples split.

Including the stress of the holidays, New Year’s resolutions and the fact divorce isn’t as taboo as it used to be.

Sarah Luce Leeder, Attorney, Sarah Luce Reeder & Associates LLC, said, “People kind of hold it together for the holidays and sometimes after the first of the year, you see more people go ahead and going through with the dissolution.”

Many divorce lawyers like Sarah Luce Leeder see a hike in clients coming in to go their separate ways in January.

And she sees them come in for a multitude of reasons.

“There’s financial differences, there’s parenting differences. Sometimes people, they change, they don’t have as much in common as ya know they did, early on in their marriage.”

According to a report by the CDC, about three out of every 1,000 people who reside in the Four States is divorced.

Marriage counselors even see a hike in clients coming in for therapy before the new year.

Deanna Street, Counselor, Counseling Association of the Four States, said, “So they’re looking for really, coping skills through the holidays. But often that’s kind of a band-aid effect for what’s really going on.”

When marriage counselor Deanna Street sees couples during this time, they attribute their struggles to a couple things.

The stresses of the holidays can make their issues more apparent.

And even new year’s resolutions, Wanting to start the new year on a different foot which could mean ditching that relationship.

“It’s the new year, people often think like you said, it’s the new you. A lot of times people are thinking new relationship.”

And she says couples are a lot more willing to call it a quits early on.

“I have definitely seen a trend over the last 30 years of what I said, people are a lot more quicker to be willing to get out. They jump in relationships quicker and they’re ready to get out of them quicker.”

Even in a trend report by Google, the search engine shows the word divorce was at its highest during January of 2019.

The state’s that googled the word the most during that time include Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

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