JackPine Road goes from Dangerous to Deadly


UPDATE — Authorities identify the driver who died as Abdi Mohamed, 35, of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

He was pronounced dead on scene. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says his semi hit a fence, went through a muddy ditch, flipped over, and hit a tree.

ORIGINAL — In the past three months semi crashes along JackPine Road outside Carthage make it seem like a dangerous road. Tonight it has proven to be a deadly road.

JackPine is a natural cut-through from Hwy 96 and the Kansas line to the Carthage Underground where many large companies store goods for distribution.

JULY 11: Semi from local company carrying construction goods rolls off the road. Minor injuries to the driver.

AUGUST 11: Semi driver hauling 37,000 lbs of frozen vegetables rolls in the same place with no injuries.

7:00 PM TODAY/SEPTEMBER 26: Semi driver hauling 40,000 lbs frozen pizzas rolls and is killed according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Name is not yet released to the public. It’s an out-out-of state driver. It’s a road that perhaps a GPS would bring a through here? It looks like a short cut?

But it’s not built for big rigs.

More information as it becomes available.

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