It’s National Pi Day


The letter “E” is a big deal when you’re talking about pi.  

Without it – it’s the mathematical symbol celebrated across the country on march 14th, or 3/14.
But some are celebrating with a different kind of pie.
It’s an easy choice at a local office, where they always like the dessert with a flaky crust and tasty filling.
“I am here to eat some delicious pie.” said Jakob Polaco, Webb City.
Jakob Polaco wasn’t about to pass up a free piece of pie, in his case banana cream.
“Because it’s Pi day as in the number 3.14 something repeating, I don’t know.” said Jakob Polaco, Webb City.
 The mathematical constant goes on and on – three point one four one five nine two six five and on from there.
It’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

But for Jennafer Johnson it’s a chance to change up the work day.
“It’s just a time to have people come out celebrate pi day, 3.14 – the neverending number. And neverending pie – everybody loves pie, it’s just a chance to celebrate.” said Jennafer Johnson, Edward Jones Rep.
This is the third time her Edward Jones office has used the play on words – Pi Day, with no “e” – celebrated with pie with an “e.”
It’s a way to thank the community for their support, with slices of lemon, strawberry rhubarb, and pecan.
“We’ve had a ton of people out.”  said Jennafer Johnson, Edward Jones Rep.
And while most of us may not use the mathematical symbol often, we can celebrate with our favorite other kind of pie on three 14.
“The chocolate does really well but so does the apple – and apple is commonly seen as the most popular pie they say. But last year we found that the coconut cream did very very well.”  said Jennafer Johnson, Edward Jones Rep.

National pi day was first celebrated back in 1988.
Three decades later there are more and more people taking part, this year with events including pie in the face and a pie toss contest.

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