IRS asking for identity confirmation from some taxpayers


FOUR STATE AREA — If you filed your taxes several weeks ago and you’re still waiting on your refund, there’s a reason for that. The IRS is working on preventing fraud, and to do that they need certain tax payers to confirm their identity before they can get their refund.

IRS Agents say people who have had big life changes over the past year — like a move, marriage, or getting out of jail — seem to be affected the most. So, if you receive a 5071-c letter in the mail from the IRS — it is not a scam.

They only come as letters, not by text or email.

It is not an audit, but it does require immediate attention. The letter then instructs you to call the IRS and answer several questions to confirm your identity.

The call could have a long wait time, as well as a lengthy conversation to confirm your identity. Once complete, you’ll get your refund in about 3 weeks, likely by mail, not direct deposit.

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