Hurricane Irma made landfall in the United States early this morning as a category three storm and now Florida hunkers down as the storm travels up the state.

The hurricane has weakened as it’s gone through the panhandle.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been warning residents about the dangerous storm surge that’s coming…

Even if you survive hurricane Irma’s high winds and rain…

The surge could bury folks in water up to 10 to 15-feet high.

The four states very own Howie Nunnely is taking shelter in Orlando. 

“Absolutely we’re staying aware all night long and taking cover as you can see. It’s moving everybody inward into a shelter,” explains Local Radio Host Howie Nunnely.

As Hurricane Irma moves across Florida, it will bring the possibility of tornadoes and major flooding.

Floridians are moving inland and away from the cost as the surge nears the shore. 

Irma is expected to head towards Georgia in the next few hours.