IOLA, Ks. — The Iola Public School District is making progress in bringing new additions to the community.

In April voters in Iola approved a $35 million school bond

Stacy Fager, Iola Superintendent, said, “That’s going to pay for a new science center, which were standing here in front of right now and also new elementary complex that’ll bring 3 elementaries together in one facility and HVAC upgrades at our middle school.”

After the bond passed, the EPA found the site for the new science center had contamination problems which the district is working to fix.

“This kind of gives of a visual of the process because we had to do asbestos abatement here at this building and so that’s readying it for demolition.”

This building built in 1939 was once essential to the district, now demolition has began and it’s coming down and now educators say they’re looking to the future.

“We think the new buildings will add a new dimension to our school district.”

Charyl Link graduated from Iola and went on to teach at the high school she says she remembers its many transitions.

Charyl Link, Iola Resident, said, “So when I came here to high school as a sophomore, that was the band room and the vo-ag building and some time after that they took both out as they built new buildings.”

Now she lives right across the street, with a front row seat to the demolition process.

“I’m never bored and it’s exciting too because I get to see all the progress that it’s going to be really great for the students.”

Construction is expected to begin in June with the new elementary complex and science center expected to be complete in August of 2021.