Iola High School football field vandalized after a truck does donuts on the field


IOLA, Kan. — The Iola Police Department is investigating after the Iola High School football field was vandalized.

The Iola Police Department says a truck made donuts on the high school football fields wet turf early Saturday morning.

Authorities say the suspect got into the football field through a gate that was left unlocked.

Authorities know who caused the damage and are waiting to see how much monetary damage was caused.

Police say the suspect is facing at least criminal damage to property and it could be a misdemeanor or felony.

Back in June the Iola High School completed a $30,000 renovation of the football field turf.

Friday night, Iola held a scrimmage on their new turf which was their first big event on the field.

Stacey Fager, Iola School District Superintendent, says, “I’m already receiving a lot of sentiment from the community. It was kind of a kick to the stomach right now. The community really worked hard for this. Put forward a lot of financial considerations and its been really well received. You try to make improvements for students.”

The school is surveying the damage and seeing if the turf can be salvaged.

They were supposed to play a home game in two weeks but now they will reevaluate that.

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