Investigators looking into Purdy vandalism


Investigators in Purdy are looking for two people they believe vandalized several buildings in town earlier this week.

Purdy police chief Jackie Low says sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, two individuals used spray paint to vandalize city hall, the fire department, the school and a church in town. Lowe says the messages were of a derogatory nature and were directed at the Purdy Police Department and school district. He says this is upsetting to those that were vandalized, and to the community.

“It’s very frustrating, and the citizens here are pretty upset about what happened. We have one businessman offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and charges being filed,” says Chief Jackie Lowe, Purdy Police Department.

These images were obtained from a security camera in town, and are believed to show the two suspects. If you have any information, you’re being asked to call the Purdy Police Department at (417) 442-7429.

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