Turkey: Quake damaged nearly 1,000 buildings, official says


Minor damage, from an earthquake is seen on a street as residents stay out of buildings and on streets in Bozkurt, in Denizli province, west Turkey, Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019. The earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 6.0 hit western Turkey, damaging homes and causing some injuries, officials said. Bozkurt’s mayor, Birsen Celik, told media that the quake knocked down two houses in the town but residents escaped with slight injuries. Several other homes were damaged with cracked walls. (Ramazan Cetin/DHA via AP)

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ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — An official says nearly 1,000 buildings were damaged by Thursday’s 6.0-magnitude earthquake in western Turkey.

Turkish Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum said Friday that 108 structures in the area were “badly” damaged and 868 others “slightly” damaged.

The earthquake, centered in the town of Bozkurt, in Denizli province, some 600 kilometers (375 miles) south of Istanbul, injured dozens of people and caused residents to run into the streets in panic.

Kurum told reporters the government would immediately start constructing housing for people whose homes were damaged.

The quake was followed by several aftershocks and residents around Denizli have been urged not to return to damaged houses.

Turkey is prone to earthquakes. In 1999, a magnitude-7.4 quake killed more than 17,000 people in the northwestern of the country.

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