Insurance experts say to catalog home content prior to storm season


FOUR STATE AREA — It could be that heirloom locket from grandma, or the cedar chest in the guest room, or even your new Christmas decorations. Insurance experts say now is the time to catalog it all before your home falls under a storm warning.

We all hope we don’t need it. But if the worst happens, having a detailed inventory of everything you own is crucial.

Melissa Hogan, Farmers Insurance, said, “Your silverware, and your clothing. Just think about everything you have in your drawers.”

An inventory now could save a big headache in the future.

“And there are so many things that are so easy to forget.”

That why insurance experts recommend cataloging everything you would need to replace in the event of a disaster.

You can write out a list or turn to technology.

“Go around their house with their cell phone and take videos or photos and then save those to a cloud based system so they’re able to pull those up in the event their phone is gone too.”

Saving pictures of your possessions is good, but adding serial numbers and purchase receipts is even better.

“We want to know every single item, how much that item cost, when you bought it new and approximate purchase date.”

So spending a few minutes now could make a huge difference in a worst case scenario.

“It’s so easy to forget your contents until you go to use it and it’s not there. Having that reminder, that picture, video to go back and look at is a good way to jog your memory.”

Of course, you can always stick with a pen and paper. There are online aids to help make sure you’ve covered everything you’d need to replace.

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