One of the oldest mutuals in Missouri is honoring an important milestone this year.

KSN’s Joie Bettenhausen joins us live in the newsroom.
Joie, how is Barton County Mutual Insurance Company celebrating this anniversary.
Staff are reminiscing about their years spent at this business, as well as, expressing their gratitude for the business’ success.

Joie Bettenhausen
One of the oldest mutuals in Missouri is honoring an important milestone this year.
Once a traditional fire insurer, Barton County Mutual Insurance Company is celebrating 125 years of business.

“Well we started as a mutual insurer in Missouri and we originally wrote in only Barton County. In the late 60’s early 70’s they expanded to write business across the state. And we’ve traditionally served not just rural communities, but also those in more urban communities. We’ve expanded into almost all of the metro markets in Missouri as well.” says Brian King, President/CEO

King says while serving their 19,000 policy holders is important, so is taking care of the people in need within the area.

“We sponsor anything from our local recreational sports teams to our high school teams. We also try to do community projects, sponsor some things through the school. We’re involved in a backpack program where we pack snacks for kids on the weekends to take home.” adds King

Political changes, societal changes, and weather events have impacted the insurance company throughout its time in operation…Including the May 2011 tornado, which almost forced them out of business.

“So we ended up getting a loan from another entity to about 18 million dollars and we had ten years to pay that off. Given the size of the company that we are or were at that time that seemed impossible for the most part, but what we did was continue to let God lead us.” continues King

One employee has been with Barton County Mutual Insurance Company since 1979 and made a lifelong career out of this company.

“Initially I started in accounting and was doing word processing. The initial job interview was to work on the computer systems that they were going to implement in the future.” says Gayla Charlton, Systems Administrator

And with only thirty two employees within this business, gayla says her coworkers have become family.

“There’s just been an atmosphere of more of a family oriented type. We’ll call it work, but it’s really just been a great experience to work here honestly.” adds Charlton

The president of Barton County Mutual is excited for the company going forward.

King adds he wants to continue to grow the company and make it viable for all people across Missouri.

Thanks Joie.