Insurance companies caution homeowners to know their policy


Although it can strike at any time during the year, severe weather is most likely to occur in the spring.

That’s why now is a good time to get an insurance check-up. Agents say if you don’t have insurance, now’s a good time to get some, and if you already have some, you might think about getting more. Don Gould, with the Don Gould Agency recommends you find out exactly what is and isn’t covered.

“But acts of God most usually are all covered uh but there are things that are not so it’s a good idea to look at that policy and see what could be excluded”

But in order to be covered by things that happen inside or under your house, you’ll need a separate policy for that.

Don Gould, of the Don Gould Agency says, “And a lot of people don’t realize that ground surface water is flood water so they may not have flood because that’s a separate policy”

And even if you don’t own your own home, he strongly suggests you explore the possibility of getting renter’s insurance

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