Insulin prices increase, causing those with diabetes to cut down on usage


As insulin prices continue to soar, those with diabetes have been cutting down on their usage.

A study by Yale says the average price for insulin has jumped from $40 dollars to one hundred and thirty dollars between 2002 and 2013. When you have diabetes, your body produces little to no insulin, which results in high blood sugar levels. And when you ration your insulin to make it last longer, you can put yourself at risk for severe consequences.

“They end up in the hospital with a condition related to the high blood sugars,” says Susan Pittman, Program Coordinator for Diabetes Education at Freeman Health.

Another hurdle in the insulin battle is that there aren’t cheap generic options available. Often times the middle class are hit the hardest by this complication because they usually are ineligible for any Medicare programs that help bring down the cost.

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