Indoor Dangers for Children and Teens in Joplin, MO


JOPLIN, MO – The end of the school year means kids spending more time at home, and while you may focus on how to entertain them, you might also want to double check potentials risks that could come with more time to explore.

“You want to childproof your house and even teenagers need some child proofing. So if you’ve got a young one we want to make sure those cleaners are where they can’t get them,” says Dr. Beth Garrett, Pediatrician.

That includes items like bleach and ammonia but even more common cleaners like laundry detergent.

“Really detergent pods, need to be up and out of reach and if you’ve got a young child, you want to think about, not even buying detergent pods because they look like candy,” says Garrett.

Over the counter and prescription drugs should also be stored where kids can’t get them. “We want to even keep those medications locked up even medications like ibuprofen, Tylenol, ibuprofen, because even the best of teens can have a really awful no good day, and we want to keep those teenagers safe,” explains Garrett.

And be sure guns are stored securely. “We want to keep guns locked up unloaded and separate from ammunition because even the best of children get a little curious,” says Garrett.

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