Independence Day on the River

Even though Independence Day falls in the middle of the work week, that isn't stopping people from enjoying the day off.

"I love life, I love God, and I love all these people!" says Matthew Amato.

Several people are enjoying the holiday by spending the day by the water. 

"We're down here to celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family,” says Barry Charter, Jana D'Amico, Joe D'Amico,  and Jan Charter.

"Floating with the Beef O' Brady's crew from Bentonville,” says Jason Rodden, Nathan Schimpo, and Aaron Elster.

"Going floating on the 4th of July,” says Matthew Amato.

Elk River employee, Nicole Salas says they weren't expecting such a big turnout-

"We've already filled out like three pages of day passes like before 12 and that doesn't usually happen on a weekday,” says Nicole Salas.

But the lodge still prepared for a holiday crowd.

"They just told us like to be ready for a lot of people. It's a holiday, so I kind of expected it from Memorial weekend. I remember how many people came then, so I just expected the same kind of thing, but it's still overwhelming,” says Nicole Salas.

And even though the holiday break might be shorter for some than they would like, that's not stopping them from having a good time.

"Still going to enjoy it,” says Jancey Ellington and Kason Carmical.

"If it was like a Friday or something we would love to spend the night, but yeah during the middle of the week we are just going to enjoy the day,” says Barry Charter, Jana D'Amico, Joe D'Amico and Jan Charter.

"We are in the restaurant business. We are closed today. We get to enjoy it, and it doesn't matter what day it is as long as it's Independence Day,” says Matthew Amato.

"Freedom doesn't take a break,” says Jason Rodden, Nathan Schimpo and Aaron Elster.

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