Increased virtual education can present complications


JOPLIN, Mo. — With the new school year underway, more and more families are choosing a virtual education – but that can come with complications.

A growing number of students are trading in the classroom for a laptop at home – a popular trade for families worried about coronavirus exposure.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, “Most schools have figured out a way to truly deliver a good virtual experience.”

Having the right hardware to connect to online classes is the first priority.

“If the machines are provided by the school system, they probably have most of the things locked down in a way that kids cannot get to things that are inappropriate.”

If your school doesn’t have those resources, you’ll need your own computer for classes.

“You want to periodically check the laptop, check the phones, check the electronics – don’t assume things are always happening.”

That includes anit-virus software and applications to filter out inappropriate content. And don’t forget the internet service itself.

The more students logging in at home, the greater the demand on your ISP.

“There’s many service providers in town that you might not have enough bandwidth to have three live streaming videos, for your three children that are actually participating in class at the same time.”

You may need to increase service, at least until the end of the school year.

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