Increased Safety Measures Around SEK Elementary School


The plan to install four-way stops near Lakeside Elementary in Pittsburg was pitched two years ago in an effort to ease the congestion by the school as well as make it safe for all to pass.

Rhonda White, Lakeside Elementary principal says, “The four way stop was one of the options that both the city and the school district thought that would be have the best impact at this time. But we’re always looking to improve and always wanting to consider things that will make sure our kids and our pedestrians are safe.”

  And the addition of the stop signs couldn’t have come at a better time.
   A large portion of the school’s population regularly walks or uses a crosswalk to get to school.
“We serve about 430 students, about 170 of those students arrive with families by walking or um, dropped off by parents in the mornings.

he need is to try to make sure the traffic flows smoothly but also making sure pedestrians are safe,” White says.

 And one of the top concerns of the city of pittsburg is public safety.
  City members say the stop signs will provide a safety barrier for the area’s youngest residents.
Sarah Runyon with the city of Pittsburg says, “Our children in the community are our most precious asset. So making sure that they can, um, enjoy the community in a safe way is really important.”

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