Increase in meth being brought into Oklahoma


Oklahoma officials say they're seeing an increase in meth being brought into the state.

(CNN Newsource)— “We continue to see these large busts out on the highway, which continues to tell us over the last 15 years that demand is still at epidemic levels for meth in Oklahoma and around the country,” said Mark Woodward, spokesperson, OK Bureau of Narcotics.

In the past five weeks, the Canadian County Sheriff’s Department has seized over 220 pounds of meth.

“We believe the 82 pounds we got, that was in June, may be the largest seizure of meth in the country for the month of June,” said Sheriff Chris West, Canadian County, OK.

Then a week ago, they had an even larger bust, seizing 117 pounds of meth during a routine traffic stop on I-40. Sheriff Chris West says he’s seeing an increase in meth traveling into and through his county.

“I think so, and it’s not just us. It’s all law enforcement working together and we all have to collaborate,” said Sheriff West.

The OBN says its doing its best to help in the fight against meth, but now instead of small-scale cookers in backyards and basements, the drugs are being shipped to the state by trafficking rings.

“Two weeks ago down in Lawton, for example, we went in with with 27 arrests warrants, and shut down an entire cell group that was bringing two to ten pounds routinely into southwest Oklahoma,” said Woodward.

OBN says that was a step in the right direction, but its work is far from done.

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