GROVE, Ok. — After more than 20 years, the Grove Regional Airport will soon be seeing some major capital improvements

Airport officials say with so much industrial use at the airport they must work hard to stay a premier form of transportation.

The $3 million capital improvements will take about 3 years to complete.

Lisa Jewett, Airport Manager, said, “It’s a big deal for us we haven’t had anything like this done to our runway in 20 years.”

Grove’s regional airport is starting a three million dollar capital improvement project.

Changes will include a rehabilitation of the taxi-lane and runway.

“All new led lights and overlay of the runway plus all new striping and painting.”

Both the FAA and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission helped fund these new additions.

Right now officials are in the design phase of the improvements.

The next step will be the construction phase which will start in 2021.

“It brings more businesses to our industrial park right now the industrial park is about 75% aeronautical aviation so its an attractant for those kind of businesses to come to our airport.”

As a major aerospace facility in Grove, Ferra is looking forward to these improvements.

Zachary Stenzel, Ferra Aerospace, said, “As an industrial park continues to expand over there and we continue to expand our customer bases its important for our customers to have the option to fly indirectly to Grove rather than have to go to Tulsa or Northwest Arkansas.

Right now Ferra isn’t using its service for their products, but they say with these new additions they hope it changes.

“It would be extremely beneficial to us if we could start bringing in freight into this airport here I know we load our freight onto trucks that comes from Dallas and having just a direct line that could drop off here would benefit us greatly.”

Grove’s Regional Airport says in the next 5 years they look to add 800 feet to their runway.

Jewett says she is hoping people consider buying land on the west side of the airport.

This will help in their developmental efforts.