Imagine Pittsburg 2030 focuses on city’s future


PITTSBURG, Ks. — The imagine Pittsburg 2030 group met to discuss two of six focus areas that envisions the city’s future — economic development and infrastructure.

For example, community members and stakeholders got to hear and see the final draft for the city’s land use plan.

It helps future businesses and developers envision how they could potentially fit into the city.

Thursday was all about getting feedback from community members about how their city might look in the next ten years.

Brian Coomes, Imagine Pittsburg 2030 Infrastructure Commitee Co-Chair, said, “We’re really trying to broaden the community conversation, get the entire community involved, figure out where all the stakeholders would like us to go, and make this their great community in 2030.”

Blake Benson, Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce President, said, “We want to make sure that everyone who wants to, to work in Pittsburg and live in Pittsburg has the opportunity to do so and that they have access to a great job. At the same time we want to make sure that businesses that are looking to grow, that they have access to a well-trained labor force.”

Jay Byers, Deputy City Manager, said, “It’s very important for people who come into the town, like developers and builders and people who want to start businesses, to know what we’re going to be doing as a town. Where are we headed? They’re much more interested in Pittsburg, if we have a plan for where we’re going in the future.”

Since its beginning in 2012, Imagine Pittsburg 2030 has completed almost 500 million dollars in projects over the last 6 years in the city.

Future community meetings in the coming weeks will discuss the other 4 components of the Imagine Pittsburg 2030 plan — public wellness, education, marketing, and housing.

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