Calvin Heisten is the owner of a small trailer-like restaurant named Iggy’s Diner. He has run it for the past four years and says he still comes to work with a smile on his face.

“The thing I like about this diner is the atmosphere when you walk in. Everybody says hi and it’s just a friendly place,” Heisten says.

Which is why Anthony Blades eats at Iggy’s several times a week and sometime several times a day.

“Enjoy coming out here, I come out about four ‘clock everyday and I usually sit in my booth til about six o’clock because I watch ‘Family Feud,'” Blades says.

He’s been a loyal customer for the past three yeas because he also enjoys the atmosphere and of cuorse, the food.

“What’s my favorite thing to get? It’s prolly the hamburger and fries,” he says.

And he’s not the only person who feels way. Iggy’s diner was named the best diner in Missouri by Spoon University, an online food publication. Its website featured a picture of the diner with the caption, “I’m not sure who Iggy is, but she’s great at capturing the feeling of friendliness once you enter. In addition to quick service, they make great burgers paired with onion rings. Next time you’re on Interstate 49, take an exit to Iggy’s.” Since it’s near Route 66, Heisten says it’s never empty and keeps busy by regular customers and many travelers.