Identity theft risk for children and how to protect them


JOPLIN, Mo. – You probably don’t look forward to paying your mortgage or credit card bills so imagine finding out your four year old has these big debts.

It’s a kind of identity theft that not every parents thinks of. A social security number and birthdate are stolen leading to a spending spree.

Young victims are particularly at risk since they’re not likely to find out about the crime quickly, maybe not for years. Their personal information can face the same risks as their parents, something Joplin Mom Jessica Johnson says is a concern.

“There could be risk because she has a social security number and people can get it and get our information that could be tied to her information.”

Jessica Johnson, Joplin Mom

Parents can check to see if their child’s information is being misused through a credit report. You can get one for free every year from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

When sharing your child’s personal information for legitimate reasons, check to see what the privacy policy is and who will have access to that information.

With more on safeguarding your children’s information, click here.

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