Iconic structure on the NEO A&M campus receives an upgrade


A presence of pride for both the campus of NEO A&M and the community is achieved as the school’s chime tower is refurbished. 

As a part of the 100th anniversary, NEO A&M faculty chose to renovate the tower.  It is known as one of the biggest iconic structures on campus standing 50 feet tall, supported by three 19,000 pound pillars. The renovation efforts included repainting the tower in platinum colors representing NEO’s 100 year theme colors. Upgrades also included light fixures improvements and upgraded the sound system for the bell chimes. 

“A very iconic structure, so when people are going to drive by and see especially at night when the lights are lit up it’s just breathtaking it’s gorgeous. I think the community especially will be really excited we got this done on the 100th anniversary,” says NEO A&M Faculty Senate President Alisen Anderson.

Anderson says NEO faculty members goal is to enhance their facilities to ensure students have a great experience.

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