Hundreds of students contract COVID-19 at Mizzou


COLUMBIA, Mo. – After only a week back at school the Mizzou Campus has 415 students infected with the coronavirus.

These days they not only work hard to get good grades, they also work to prevent being infected by COVID-19.

Christian Basi, the spokesman for Mizzou, said, “On campus were seeing some fantastic compliance.”

In a short visit on campus Monday afternoon lots of students were seen wearing masks and only a few decided against wearing them, this was outdoors.

Janae Kembrook-Ward is a senior, said, “I feel like everyone’s doing a pretty good job of with distancing and everything you see everyone washing their hands.”

And in classes where they meet with other students a similar scene.

“I really never see a single soul without a mask on,” said Andrew Fox, Freshman.

Most of the 415 students who have tested positive were self-quarantined. The young people who needed to be isolated were staying in buildings where there are 60 isolation rooms. One student has been hospitalized, the condition is unknown.

The university will consider some 24 different criteria before taking further steps in their protection plan, including the ultimate, sending everyone home. Christian Basi said the factors include, “How many cases do we have? Where are those cases? What type of cases are they? Are they cases where we are seeing significant symptoms or are most of these cases very manageable?

One freshman student said, “I’m moderately worried.”

Christian Basi believed the university knew where all the cases came from. He said, “it’s definitely coming from off campus activities.”

This past Friday the county health department told bars and restaurants that served alcohol to cut off the beer wine and liquor at 9 p.m.

270 students are now going through Mizzou’s conduct process for alleged violation of COVID-19 guidelines. 22 faculty and staff have also tested positive.

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