Hundreds of students at NEO A&M for Junior-Senior Day


The campus of NEO A&M is filled with hundreds of high school students for Junior-Senior Day.

The event will help students find opportunities to help them in the pursuit of a higher education. The day starts with a tour of the campus and getting to meet other students already at school.

School leaders then host sessions to help with the social and academic options. The event helps students who aren’t prepared for a four year college transition with ease.

“If you go to college you have more job opportunities you kind of get your foot in the door experience you kind of get to learn how to do certain things. That’s important in the job field they want to know if you can do certain degrees,” says Jacob Paxson, NEO A&M student.

Ultimately, Paxson says they are hoping this experience showcases to the students the importance of what an education can do for their future.

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