PITTSBURG, Ks. — Hundreds of students are taking the first steps on their newest adventure.

Students are filling the halls at Pittsburg State University.

Some have been slowly moving in since August 5th, but an estimated 600 students moved-in today, making up the roughly 1,000 expected to live on campus for the coming year.

While families were busy moving in they were assisted by members of the Pitt State faculty, students, athletic teams and the ROTC.

“It signifies the kick-off of the academic year, this is where students tend to separate from their parents, most of them for the first time and so we really want to make it an inviting environment and give them an oppurtunity to kind of say their good-byes but then also learn how to live on their own,” said Jason Kegler, PSU Assoc. VP For Student Life.

“It’ll probably hit after they leave and it will kind of just be that moment of, oh what now? // I got track workouts that are going to start next week and I’m excited for classes, I’m going to be majoring in nursing so I’m excited,” said Ben Pritchett, Incoming Freshman.

The move-in process was a much more familiar process to those helping this year, with no COVID-19 testing procedures or significant restrictions.