Hundred of students learn about aviation at Fly Kansas Air Tour


“It’s really cool that they’re all coming here and we can watch them, and all the planes are different,” explained Pittsburg student Camden Huffman.

Huffman is enjoying the to learn more about air travel. He has flown before, but that’s not the case for every student.

“I asked my students – and I have about 20 – how many had ridden on a plane before and only three raised their hand,” added teacher Sarah Prince.

Now, they’re all getting the chance to check out a wide range of Kansas planes. Forty pilots from around the state are taking part in the “Fly Kansas Air Tour.”

“It’s a chance for us to fly with a bunch of pilots, to a bunch of places, and have a lot of fun,” explained Haysville pilot Keith Rhea.

Pilots like Rhea will stop at up to eleven airports in Kansas, showing off their planes and putting aviation front and center. Rhea hopes learning about planes now means some of these students consider a future in aviation down the road.

“There’s a huge shortage of pilots and it’s going to get worse; so the more we can get interested in aviation, the better,” Rhea continued.

…Something that he says would have a far reaching impact.

“More pilots means more airplanes, more airports, more parts for airplanes,” said Rhea.

The Fly Kansas Air Tour first got off the ground in 1928. The idea got new life a few years ago and is now in its sixth year.

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