Humpty Dumpty contest held at Joplin school


If you’re familiar with the story of Humpty Dumpty, you know it didn’t go well for him, but if he had some insulation around him, maybe the outcome would have been better.

That’s the purpose behind a contest held in his name every year at a Joplin school.
It’s hard enough to get them home in a carton from the store in tact, so you can imagine how hard it is to keep them in one piece after a fall of several stories.

April Englebert, St. Mary’s Pre-K teacher, says, “Every year I’m surprised, we’ve had everything from flour to Jello,  to marshmallows, popcorn, sometimes baby blankets, diapers, you name it, I’ve seen it”
For the last 25 years pre-k and pre-school kids at St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary in Joplin have put their gravity defying skills to the test, with a little help from their fire fighting neighbors from across the street. 

Capt. Adam Grimes, Joplin Fire Department, says, “A great opportunity for us to interact with the kids and be a part of their science projects or school projects and to help gain some trust outside of a stressful situation like a fire or an emergency call”
Some kids may have a built in advantage because their older siblings and even in some cases their mother and father competed in the same event.

After the falls, then it was time to go back into the classroom and remove the protective packaging.
In all, 13 eggs kept their structural integrity, most of which floated safely back down to terra firma thanks to parachutes.

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