Human Trafficking exhibit opens in Pittsburg


PITTSBURG, Ks. — January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, so one Southeast Kansas art center is keeping the community informed.

The Bicknell Family Center for The Arts is displaying an exhibit called The Game in Three Parts. It features prints by local artist Sarah Serio, who uses them to display the different aspects of human trafficking in America. Its done to provide indicators of what people should be looking for and resources to help those in trafficking.

Stephanie Spitz, Program Coordinator, said, “Places near highways, coastal areas, things of that nature is where a lot of people do get targeted and trafficked out, so it’s not just something that happens overseas, so we really wanted to paint that picture, that it does happen here, even outside of that, as long as we have awareness and know what we’re looking at, people can get services and get help.”

The exhibit is currently open in the Bicknell Family Center for The Arts gallery from eight a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays until January 29th. There is also a virtual option to provide accessibility for the community even if the center is closed.

We do want to note: There is a trigger warning for anyone wanting to view the images.

To see the virtual exhibit follow the link below.

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