Humane Society and 4H give tips on handling emergencies with pets


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Local 4-H kids spend the evening at the Humane Society learning how to properly take care of a pet in an emergency.

Why are these tips important?

With severe weather season approaching, the Joplin Humane Society staff say its best to be prepared with emergency kits for pets and know how to take care of your pet if it gets injured.

Tianna Fisher, Jasper County 4H Dog Project Leader, said, “Before we know it, it’s going to be storm season and the kids are wanting to get as much information and get ready and be prepared in case of emergency.”

The Jasper County 4H Club partnered with Show Me Hope Missouri to host a pet emergency preparedness clinic today at the Joplin Humane Society.

Visitors had hands on experience with creating an emergency kit, as well as learning how to take care of injured pets.

This event is part of the club’s dog project, in which many of its members have interests in animals.

“We have kids in our county who have dogs that they take and the just raise them and they love them and they’ve learned basic obedience and things like that and then we have kids all the way up to who show competitively.”

A big component of the 4H club is learning by doing, so members can retain the skills and knowledge obtained at programs like these and be able to use them throughout their life.

Leighton Oliver, Volunteer, said, “Instead of just pulling if you’re wrapping a bandage around the dog’s back leg, instead of just pulling it back like this, putting it up like this, like out.”

And one 4H member will be making sure his family and pets will have the supplies needed if an emergency arises.

Caleb Waynick, Jasper County 4H Club Member, “Whenever I get home I’ll definitely work on making prepared kits in case a dog or somebody gets hurt.”

At the end of the event, guests went home with goodie bags from Show Me Hope Missouri that contained gauze, ace bandages, and ointment.

This Saturday, the Jasper County 4H Club will be participating in the Mardi Gras Paw-Rade as part of their dog project.

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