How you can help protect migrating birds as they head south for the fall and winter


ST. LOUIS – Birds are making their fall migration. It can be a great time for birdwatchers but also a deadly time for birds as millions collide with windows.

According to a study, North America has lost approximately 2.9 billon birds since 1970.

Sarah Kendrick, the state ornithologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, said about a million birds die each year from window strikes.

To make a window “bird friendly,” Kendrick suggests putting opaque stickers, string, or a screen on the outside of the window.

Window stickers can be lines or more detailed. We found a variety of options at Wild Birds Unlimited in St. Charles.

Kendrick said you should place them on the outside of your window. They won’t obstruct your view but they will definitely help the bird realize it’s not a pass through. She said if a bird does hit your window and is stunned, know that it is vulnerable; bring your pets inside and give it some time and space to revive.

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