JOPLIN, Mo. — Photos, bank statements, and tax records are just a few of the things at risk if you don’t safeguard your technology before a disaster strikes.

Spring storm season means it’s a good idea to be prepared for hail damage, power outages, or worse.

Protecting your technology is a key part of being prepared.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared: “We’ve always talked about having backups of your computers, making sure that backups are kept separate from an actual computer itself.”

Cloud storage is a good option to maintain access for all important files even when a device is damaged or lost.

“If you just have one copy and that’s the only one sitting in your house or on your computer, obviously that is a lot more prone to being destroyed or disappearing.”

Sit down with each cell phone, laptop and tablet to make sure you know what’s on it.

“It’s those applications that you launch maybe once or twice a year, it’s the ones that you typically are out of sight out of mind is the ones that actually get you in trouble.”

Keeping track of websites, user names and passwords can also be crucial.

“Many individuals are now changing their passwords on a regular basis, and they’re keeping that piece of paper and maybe sitting on their desk.”

If you prefer a paper list, make multiple copies – or use a digital password manager.

“We always recommend that maybe an application such as Pass Portal or LastPass, to actually keep track of your passwords, those can be secured and protected, but that allows you then to get to your different devices or into your different accounts in case of an issue.”

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