How to protect your garden from freezing temperatures


JOPLIN, Mo. — With a freeze warning in effect for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, people should be cautious about their plants and gardens.

The Owner of Joplin Greenhouse and Coffee Shop shares what people can do to save their garden? Curt Carr says there are people that will be able to save what they have, but depending on what you’ve already planted, you may be out of luck.

Curt Carr – Joplin Green House and Coffee Shop Owner, said, “It’s best to kind of wait until you have consistently warm temperatures at night, but whenever it kicks off a little early and it’s warm, people get anxious and want to go ahead and start planting stuff.”

While some people may have gotten ahead of themselves planting, they can still save what they have if they just laid it down.

“If it’s something they just recently planted, they can still get it pulled out and put it in a pot and bring it inside. Anything that’s potted at this time, you know I would bring it inside, into a garage, something to protect it.”

But, depending on what you planted, Carr adds that it might be too late, even if you cover them up.

“If they have some of the more summer tolerant type products like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, if it gets as cold as what they say it’ll be, you know probably gonna have to restart.”

Once the cold temperatures passes and we get closer to Summer, that’s when Carr suggests it’s the best time to start working on your garden.

“Once we get through this freeze time, it’ll be a good time to start cleaning the beds out and getting prepared. Hopefully in a week or two would be a good time to begin really starting to plant, fertilizing your soils, adding compost to your gardens and that sort of thing.”

Other ways you can potentially save your garden from the cold is covering your plants up with a frost blanket, adding mulch to keep them warm, or fans to blow on them throughout the night. If you don’t have a frost blanket, Carr adds you can use any breathable blanket or cloth.

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