Housing trend makes money for a program at Crowder College


Tuesday, Crowder College’s Construction Technology Program auctioned off two of tiny houses that students have worked on since last September. They created the design, put up the framing, stained cabinets, and even installed the plumbing and electrical work for each home. The bidding started at $14,000 with one of the homes going for almost $19,000. One of the students says that after all the work he and his classmates have put into it, he doesn’t want to see it go.

“Mixed emotions really, like I’m happy that it’s getting sold for so much, but then again I’m like sad because we spent so much time on it. It’s like our baby we’d rather have it in our back yard,” says building trades student Alejandro Sanchez.

The money from the auction goes right back to the school’s CTEC program.

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