Homeless kicked out of motel after Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition stopped paying for them


PITTSBURG, Kans. — Several people in southeast Kansas are now searching for a new place to live after learning where they’re currently staying is no longer an option for them.

“I’ve got a lot of stuff in here, I don’t have transportation, I’m having to wait for someone to get off work to come and help me, if they even want to help me,” said Ann Edgett, Former Motel Resident.

The Pittsburg Regency Inn and Suites had entered into a partnership with the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition, agreeing to house the homeless in empty motel rooms.

However recently, the coalition has failed to compensate the motel.

“What we have not gotten paid so far is roughly 70 thousand because we’ve had a lot of clients here, so it’s a substantial amount of money. We have expenses like any other business has,” said Amit Desai, Regency Inn & Suites Manager.

Regency had waited for days for payment, then a week, and now more than a month and a half later it is forced to remove the homeless residents staying at the motel.

“We’ve been trying to be patient but we just have our employees to pay, our bills to pay. We hate to see the clients leave but we have no choice,” said Desai.

Regency was informed the agreement had ended, leaving several people with little time to find somewhere to go.

“The motel has given us a place to stay, they’re supposed to pay the motel, but they’re not paying the motel nothing, the motel’s kicked us out and there’s a lot of families that ain’t got no where to go so what do we do,” said Edgett.

“Right now I have no idea. It’s a possibility that I’ll be living out of my car whatsoever until something comes up,” said Tyoniea Wooden, Former Motel Resident.

“Some of us don’t have that, some of them are disabled, can’t read or can’t write, can’t do nothing and they don’t know what to do. Everybody needs a chance, everybody needs help,” said Edgett.

We did reach out to the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition multiple times today, both through email and by phone… We are yet to hear back from them.

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