Homeland Security official teaches residents how to prepare and prevent workplace violence


Northeast Oklahoma residents are learning how to prepare and prevent workplace violence.

Wednesday, an official from the Oklahoma office of Homeland Security hosted a seminar at Miami Civic Center to encourage the community to have a plan before a situation strikes. The presentation included research they had gathered from previous shootings like where to hide and how to protect yourself. While there is no sure way to know when a shooting might happen, you can at least go into your workplace, school or business with an escape and defensive plan.

“It can happen anywhere, unfortunately. But if they’re prepared, the statistical odds are very small that it’s going to happen to them. But they have a plan and never need it as opposed to needing a plan and not having it,” says Jim McBride, Oklahoma office of Homeland Security.

Many individuals in attendance say their motivation to come to presentation was to ensure the safety of their children and themselves in the community.

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