A big ticket historic renovation is hitting a new milestone in Joplin.

2018 is starting to look a little more like the 1800’s at 4th and Sergeant.

“This is a labor of love,” said Debra Humphreys, Joplin Historic Neighborhoods.

With an emphasis on labor. Construction to return the historic Schifferdecker House and Zelleken House to their roots has already been going on for five months. Now, it’s time to work on aging roofs, which is not an easy task.

“Either something’s painted or sheathing over something that’s hiding another problem,” says Michael Griffin, historic architect.

Both houses and two garages are getting new slate, similar to the original roof. It’s a very specific kind of slate, used across the country at sites like the Smithsonian.

“Thomas Jefferson actually chose Buckingham slate to put on the University of Virginia because they knew it was far and above better, even back then. And that was almost 150 years ago and it’s still a functional slate roof to this day,” said Tony Raleigh, Renaissance Roofing.

Slate weighs thousands of pounds, meaning it took a lot of prep to get to this point.

“Really have solidified the structure of the carriage house to hold the slate, a lot of the structure was rotted when we peeled away the gutter, there had been years of patches,” says Michael Griffin.

Meanwhile, work continues on the exterior brick and windows. Crews are hoping to wrap up outside work and move to the interior by the end of the year.