Historic church in Miami is being torn down


A historic church building in Miami is being torn down.

“First Christian Church basically started the building and this property in the early 1900’s so it’s over 100 years that this block has been used for church activities,” says Phil Shyers, Pastor Grace Church.

And now in about 90 days the church will be nothing more than an empty lot. The facility now under new ownership is called Grace Church. 

“In 2007 we just had an epic ice storm it was a natural disaster. The way that the ice caused some structure damage that basically imminently caused the building to be condemned,” says Phil Shyers.

The lasting effects of the damage led to mold and asbestos causing them to relocate and build a new facility beside the church. Grace church pastor Phil Shyers says he is saddened to see the building now being torn down with its stained glass and oak pews dating back to the early 1900’s.

“It’s historic because that building has had so much impact in the community for generations whether it be Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts; actually Roosevelt school when it burnt was actually housed by the First Christian Church in their building for 2 years while they rebuilt their schools,” says Shyers.

Shyers says its costing Grace Church about half a million dollars to tear down the church. As soon as the building is torn down, they have high hopes for plans to rebuild their church in the original historic site immediately.

“What we’re going to try to do is were in desperate need of classroom space and we’re going to try to save what was the Family Center, the Fellowship Hall. One thing I’ve learned though–it’s kind of amazing–it says all things work together for them that love God and all called according to his purpose,” says Shyers.

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