CARTHAGE, Mo. — An historic house is having some work done to bring it to the 21st century.

What work is being done on the old Dukart House in Carthage? The new owner is working to fulfill a lifelong dream with this restoration. While they’re modernizing the house they want to make sure the history of the 1800s architecture is still in tact.

Karolyn Fuller, Dukart House Owner, said, “I was just driving and I went to this intersection here and I looked over and I saw a house and so I just pulled up and called a realtor and the next thing I knew I was inside looking at it.”

For the longest time, Karolyn Fuller has been wanting to restore an old house to it’s former glory. Now after moving back to the Four States, she’s finally getting her chance with the Dukart house in Carthage.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to restore a house that still had a lot of the original elements in tact.”

It didn’t start off easy. After purchasing the house two years ago, she had difficulty in finding the right people for her project.

“I mean I got a lot of weird questions and responses, but ultimately ended up with a team who was really supportive and ended up pushing me and teaching me a lot.”

Her team soon came together. She’s been working with local electricians, plumbers and construction to make sure she could restore the house to it’s prime, while keeping it’s history in tact.

Joshua Nicholls, Electrician, said, “I love it. It’s really sad seeing a lot of the older homes getting torn down for new commercial buildings, so someone who actually has pride and cares about an old home, we love that.”

While it’s been a difficult journey, the property is coming together, and her dream is taking shape.

“I’ve definitely cried multiple times, but in the end, I’m really proud of it and I’m excited to see how it turns out and it brings me a lot of joy,” said Fuller.

Karolyn is chronicling her experience and the progress of the Dukart House on Instagram. Karolyn says the completion of the restoration is very far away but she’s already planning for what it will be used for.

Right now she’s thinking of either turning it into an apartment, Airbnb or even rent it out for events, we had talked about potentially using it for a murder mystery party during Halloween.