High school students learn about life challenges through “REALL” simulation


High school students are discovering all about the challenges of life through a simulation.

High school students tried to survive as an adult based on their simulated finances and economic status. But most importantly, they learned that the choices they make today, could affect their future.

“Don’t drop out of high school and get your diploma, so don’t do bad things,” says Darold Soard.

Joplin High School students participated in a simulation called reality enrichment and life lessons, or “REALL.” Students assumed an adult role in this simulation, with children, a job, and whether they’ve had some trouble or success in life.

“And so with that information, they are visiting tables that represent things in the real world and seeing what kind of response they get from the bank, or social services, different places like that,” says Annette Peterson, JHS Special Education Teacher.

Teachers and staff brought the simulation to Joplin, hoping students would learn valuable life lessons.

“The fact that the decisions they’re making now as fourteen and fifteen year olds can have an impact on their future. If they’re not working in school and not going to be able to graduate or if they make some poor choices about what they do with friends outside of school that those things can have an impact on their future,” says Annette Peterson.

One student is already implementing the lessons she learned today into her daily life.

“Do good in school. Make good grades because like a college is going to accept you if you make good grades and if you’re on time to school and stuff if you make good choices in school,” says Destiny Brewer.

While another student is focusing on something he thinks he would enjoy as adult.

“The taking care of your kids,” says Darold Soard.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Because well you’re going to have to study and make sure you can keep control of your kids and pay food and all of that,” replied Soard.

This was the first time Joplin High School held this event, and teachers are hoping to bring this simulation back in the future.

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